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Quality policyes Turismo Rías Baixas

Turismo Rías Baixas understands quality as the combination of all the services aimed at satisfying their user’s needs.
The main goal of Turismo Rías Baixas’ services is to make quality a basic element of the culture of the Rías Baixas destination. This implies that all their workers must fulfil the requirements described in the quality system of the UNE-ISO 14785:2015 Standard for Tourist information Offices, guaranteeing constant improvement and tourist satisfaction.
For this reason, the Ordinance regulating the tourist offices network INFO RIASBAIXAS follows the guidelines of the UNE-ISO 14785 standard, coordinating and launching actions to promote the Rías Baixas destination and providing a high-quality tourist offer through the unification, training and information of the staff involved, an integrated image and consistent features.
The quality policies of Turismo Rías Baixas are based on the following points:
1. QUALITY is the feeling of satisfaction that any customer has in terms of what they receive and how hard it is to get it.
2. QUALITY is the result of a state of mind and an enthusiasm that need to be kept and improved.
3. QUALITY is built with time, patience, persistence, vigour and a very strong desire to reach that goal.
4. QUALITY management depends on the QUALITY of the person in charge of the tourist information point and of the destination in general.
5. Everybody is involved in QUALITY; it ties whoever has something to sell to whoever has something to buy.
6. A good work organisation and a big motivation behind it does more for QUALITY than an increase in work control.
7. Our staff’s suggestions are one of the most helpful resources of Turismo Rías Baixas to improve QUALITY in our destination.
8. The highest judge of QUALITY in our destination is the tourist visiting us.