Descubre Pontevedra desde las alturas

Discover Pontevedra from the heights

The landscapes of the province of Pontevedra are a safe bet if what you want is to live unforgettable experiences. Their beauty and their richness in wildlife will be imprinted on your mind forever. If you are interested in getting to know the province in depth and enjoy magical moments, you can visit some of its viewpoints. Here you can find a selection of the top ten places to live a unique experience rich in history.

A large number of these natural spaces are close to the sea, as the viewpoint A Guía in the parish of Teis, in Vigo; or A Penedain the town of Soutomaior, boasting spectacular views of the inner part of the inlet Ría de Vigo. The viewpoint A Siradella, in the town of O Grove, or the one in Santa Trega, in A Guarda, also stand out. Moreover, at the latter, visitors can admire the sun setting in our neighbouring country Portugal.

A Guía

A visit to the Atlantic treasures

The landscape of the Cíes Islands is internationally known. The gem of the Galician National Park of the Atlantic Islands is one of the major natural spaces in the province. There, visitors can admire the archipelago from a privileged spot, the viewpoint O Faro, which can be reached through a trail boasting spectacular views. From that place, you can enjoy one of the best panoramic views over the Ría de Vigo.

You can also admire the islands from O Facho Hill in Cangas, in the Peninsula of O Morrazo. From this viewpoint you can enjoy stunning views of the Cíes Islands and As Rías Baixas shoreline. If you look north, you can see the island A Illa de Ons, also part of the national park, and the bottom of the Ría de Arousa.

las islas Cíes
Monte Facho

You can also enjoy nature from other vantage points located inland, as the Aloia Hill, in the town of Tui, or the  viewpoint O Seixo, which offers panoramic views of the province. In addition, the latter is a magical place since it is believed that it has a door to the Realm of Hades.

Una cascada de momentos inolvidables

Water is also important in the inland area of the province, boasting settings of extraordinary beauty as the cascade of the Toxa River, the highest in Galicia and located in the town of Silleda, in one of the areas having the greatest number of indigenous tree species in the region. The beauty of the Miño River as it passes through the place of O Cruceiriño, is also worth it. There, you can see the power of a river whose water gives life to the land of this region.

Fervenza do Toxa
O Cruceiriño

A trip to visit the most remarkable viewpoints in the province is a good way to discover this land, the outstanding landscapes and rich heritage of an area boasting a large number of hidden treasures waiting to be explored. Your life will be greatly enriched and you will live unforgettable experiences.