Bursts of colour

The city of Vigo has turned into an open-air museum thanks to the burst of colour of its dividing walls and public buildings that have been widely painted in the last five years. Both consecrated and young artists are the protagonists of this artistic revolution


Colour, talent, modernity and risk. Vigo has become in record time one of the benchmarks for European urban art. Thanks to the programme "Vigo Cidade de Cor" (Vigo, the city of colour), renowned international artists have put the city of Vigo on the European map of street art following in the footsteps of cities such as Bristol, Glasgow, Belfast, Marseille or Lisbon.

It is hard to describe in words the feeling you get when admiring these massive pieces of art. So, wear your most comfortable shoes and visit the more than 80 murals of this singular open-air gallery!

don’t miss ...

  • Mural by Louis Lambert in the street Rúa Urzáiz, 62
  • Mural by Lula Goce in the street Rúa San Gregorio, 20
  • Square by Villalobos in the avenue Martínez Garrido
  • Mural by Liqen in the street Rúa da Hispanidade, 66

The freedom of expression in these artistic works and their variety of styles make this art festival an enriching proposal in which colourful pieces of art such as the work by Louis Lambert, in Urzáiz, combines with the abstract universes of Pelucas, Liqen or Peri or the dazzling stroke of the artist from Baiona Lula Goce.


In this city, one can also admire the work of consecrated artists like Darío Basso, Mingos Teixeira, Nelson Villalobos, Antón Pulido, Berta Cáccamo or Xavier Magalhaes . The most avant-garde techniques, as the ones used in Popay’s works, coexist with more traditional ones like the illustrated forms of Nano4814, more structured ones by Antony and Belin, and the works by Proyecto Ewa, in which painting and poetry are perfectly combined.

Growing talents

The city of Vigo has managed to bring together an outstanding list of artists, of whom two of them stand out. The first is the Galician muralist Lula Goce, a renowned artist in Spain who painted a wall in the Bronx last October. Another highly demanded artist is Mon Devane, born in Ourense, who created some traditional cuncas (ceramic wine cups typical in Galicia) in Coia. Now he has just turned his portrait of the Galician actor Morris into a viral one after the success of the Spanish TV series Fariña about drug smuggling in Galicia (this mural is located in Travesía de Vigo, 130).


The Basque artist Luis Olaso was the first that used the graffiti technique, reproducing Fiestra (window), by Urbano Lugrís. Today, murals can be seen throughout the city of Vigo. In the neighbourhoods of Fátima, O Calvario, Teis or Alcabre municipal pavilions, buildings of local associations and about twenty schools have been decorated so far.

Vigo Cidade de Cor" (Vigo, the city of colour) have put the city of Vigo on the European map of street art following in the footsteps of Glasgow or Marseille

For more information, visit the official website: http://ciudaddecolor.vigo.org/gl/sitio/