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Natural Park of Aloia Hill

A gem by the Miño River

This natural park boasts beautiful plants, viewpoints, hiking trails and heritage

In the O Galiñeiro Hills , in the southern part of the province of Pontevedra and very close to the town of Tui, is the Natural Park of Aloia Hill. It is more than 600 metres high and offers stunning panoramic views over the Miño River. This beautiful hill was the first natural area in Galicia to be declared Natural Park, in 1978.

Here, indigenous plant species grow next to exotic trees. Cork trees, cypresses, hollies, firs and cedars of Lebanon, among other species, are the main attractions of the place, and accompany on their way to those who visit it. Heritage and nature are combined in this beautiful setting that boasts a hillfort from the Pre-Roman and Roman times and the little chapel of San Xián, next to a beautiful oak grove.

Monte Aloia
Monte Aloia
Monte Aloia

If you want to discover this natural space, it is recommended to follow its hiking trails and visit any of its five viewpoints perfectly integrated in the landscape. All of them offer breathtaking views over the largest river in Galicia, the Miño. Throughout history, the Aloia Hill, thanks to its strategic position, has been a place for shelter and a defence against invasions, especially during the Middle Ages.

There is a nature interpretation centre, in the old forest ranger's house where you can find varied information on this beautiful natural space.