Intangible Heritage

The province of Pontevedra is a magical destination, where you can visit places full of stories and legends, both on the coast and inland. You can also participate in its traditional festivals, attend different historical re-enactments and taste the traditional dishes of this land.

Sunken treasures, corsairs based on the Cíes Islands preparing their attack, mysterious and ancestral labyrinths carved in stones, incredible stories on the arrival of the dead body of the Apostle James... In the province of Pontevedra, magic is in the air, in its rías (inlets), beaches, hills, woods, cascades, pools and islands.

Puesta de Sol en Cangas, Pontevedra
Ermita da Lanzada

Historical, epic, artistic and food festivals are among the main attractions of the province. Fifty of them are listed as Festivals of Tourist Interest, bearing honorary distinctions at the international, national or regional level. The Arribada de Baiona (a recreation of the arrival of the caravel La Pinta at Baiona); the flower carpets of the Corpus Christi, in Ponteareas; the Rapa das Bestas, in Sabucedo (an event where the manes of the wild horses are cut); and the Romaría Vikinga, in Catoira (a commemoration of the arrival of the Vikings in the town) are included in the international category. Every year, tens of thousands of people enjoy these ancestral celebrations.

Rapa das bestas en Sabucedo, Pontevedra
Alfombras florales en Ponteareas, Pontevedra

The memory of the ancient Galician settlers remains alive in the magical castro (pre-Roman settlement) of Santa Trega, the most important archaeological site in north-western Spain; as well as in the site of O Facho, where the sanctuary of the god Berobreo used to stand; or in A Lanzada, where ancestral fertility rites have survived to the present day. Petroglyphs, mámoas (a type of burial mound) and dolmens are stone vestiges of the past of this magical destination. The stories about the Santa Compaña (the Holy Company; a procession of souls that are in torment) and the meigas (Galician witches), the spell of the queimada (spirit-based punch), or the rites of Saint John's Eve have retained their aura of mystery, unaware of the passage of time.

Barco vikingo de Catoira, Pontevedra
Castro de Santa Tegra en A Guarda

We invite you to travel back in time and discover the intangible heritage of the province of Pontevedra. Enjoy its festivals, let yourself be seduced by its magical spots, and discover its myths and legends.

Petroglifo de Mogor en Marín, Pontevedra
Hoguera de San Juan