Lamprey and vineyards south of Rías Baixas

Taste a legendary fish, enjoy the thermal springs of Mondariz and discover the delicious wines from O Condado de Tea

Day 1

Castle of Salvaterra de Miño

10.00 am

Your trip starts on the banks of the Miño River, at this stunning medieval fortress, which played an important role in the battles against the Kingdom of Portugal at the time of Queen Urraca, in the 12th century. Moreover, it houses the O Condado Wine Science Museum, where you can learn more about the secrets of the Designation of Origin Rías Baixas.

A stroll along the Miño River and the park of A Canuda

11.00 am

It is time to stroll along the largest river in Galicia and the biggest park in As Rías Baixas, covering 20 hectares and boasting leisure areas, natural spaces and a playground. Here, you can enjoy the beauty of the camellias in bloom (winter) and the calm waters of the Miño River.

Municipal Museum of Ponteareas

1.00 pm

Now you reach the town of Ponteareas. The Municipal Museum is located in a former tannery. There, you can learn about the history of this region since the Gallaeci era. At the end of the visit, if you want to recharge your batteries, you can buy some rosquillas of Ponteareas, a very special artisan type of doughnut.

The Sobroso Castle

4.00 pm

Climb up to the Landín Hill to reach this well-preserved castle, with amazing views and a beautiful botanic garden. Get inside and visit the exhibition of clothing and local customs from the end of 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. Then, admire the beautiful landscapes from its viewpoint.

Castro de Troña

5.30 pm

Your next stop is a magical castro. This oval-shaped pre-Roman hillfort settlement stands on terraces with stunning views over the valley of the Tea River. Its heyday dates between the 1st century BC and 2nd century AD. It preserves more than 30 old constructions from that period.

Spa circuit Palacio del Auga

7.00 pm

What better way to end the day than relaxing at one of the great thermal resources of As Rías Baixas? Relax your body and mind at the Balneario de Mondariz, an excellent spa resource located in a beautiful place by the Tea River.


Day 2

River path of As Fragas

9.00 am

In the town of A Cañiza, a circular 18-kilometre-trail surrounds the lovely valley of Parada de Achas. If you follow this route, you will discover magical woods, a unique cork oak grove and magnificent landscapes in the middle of a hill. In addition, you will be immersed in the mystery and the sounds of the rivers Calvo and Deva. It takes about 6 six hours to complete this trail.

Cured ham Xamón da Cañiza

2.00 pm

After enjoying the natural landscape of this beautiful town, it is time to recharge your batteries. You should taste the delicious cured ham Xamón da A Cañiza, a high quality product that can be enjoyed in a festival declared of Galician Tourist Interest.

Pazo da Moreira

4.00 pm

This place combines history and wine culture. The manor house Pazo da Moreira used to be a defensive fortress facing the neighbouring country Portugal. At present, it houses the winery Marqués de Vizhoja, perfect for tasting this renowned wine.


Day 3

Pesqueiras over the Miño River

10.00 am

Start your day by learning about the lamprey, very popular in the towns of Arbo and As Neves. Walk along the Route of the Pesqueiras, typical constructions that were used to catch the delicious primitive fish that swims all the way up the Miño River at the end of its life, to spawn and die. The 5-kilometres route takes approximately 2 hours.

Interpretation centre of the Wine and the Lamprey (Arabo)

12.00 am

The interpretation centre Arabo is an interactive museum and the perfect place to get to know the lamprey. There, you can learn about this fish and the wine under the Designation of Origin Rías Baixas produced in the subzone Condado de Tea.

Tasting of typical products from O Condado

2.00 pm

Lamprey and cottage cheese! Two local products from the towns of Arbo and As Neves that are part of their ancient tradition. Moreover, they can beperfectly paired with a local wine.

Castro de Altamira

4.30 pm

Many valuable objects have been discovered in the excavations carried out in this castro (pre-Roman hillfort settlement), especially those from the Roman period, most of them made of bronze. Say goodbye to the day and finish your trip in this magical place!