Fiestas en Rías Baixas

Coastal tourism

The spirit of the sea can be felt in the landscapes of As Rías Baixas

Discover beautiful seaside spots and enjoy a wide range of sea activities

The coastline of As Rías Baixas keeps the spirit of the sea. Its traditions, legends and even its popular architecture have been closely linked to fishing and to the canning industry, which have been the locals’ sustenance for centuries. These strong bonds with the sea have led to the development of the coastal towns and villages of Pontevedra. Today, they have become major tourist destinations, and are popular for their traditional food, stunning landscapes and capacity for innovation. And, at the same time, they have managed to preserve their customs and their ports as backbones of their economy and social life.

The seaside towns in As Rías Baixas keep an important cultural and ethnographic heritage, which helps us to discover their origins and identity. Moreover, they offer a wide range of sea activities and experiences to learn about the history of these towns, which have always been linked to the sea. The coast of Pontevedra boasts many treasures such as museums, interpretation centres, shellfish farms, and restored schooners that will unveil the fascinating history of this land to visitors.

Turismo litoral
Turismo litoral

Tradition, culture, nature, sport and food make As Rías Baixas coast a perfect holiday destination

These coastal beautiful spots in the province of Pontevedra combine tradition and modernity. There, you can learn about the traditional fishing methods, visit their bustling fishing markets observe the depth of the rías (coastal inlets) aboard underwater vision boats, enjoy pleasant sailing journeys, or feel a rush of adrenaline when practicing any of the many sea activities.

Coastal tourism is becoming increasingly popular and the province of Pontevedra offers many options to discover As Rías Baixas from the sea and even get closer to the largest seafood banks on earth. The Pontevedra coast offers a wide range of food experiences. Moreover, it is the favourite destination for thousands of sailing lovers thanks to its large number of marinas.

Tradition, culture, nature, sport and food make As Rías Baixas coast a perfect holiday destination for families, groups of friends, or for visiting alone. There, you can sail on the calm waters of the sea and relax in its lively old quarters.