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Discover the character, history and architecture of the fishing villages and neighbourhoods

The province of Pontevedra has been closely linked to the sea. Its extensive coastline is home to a large number of towns, villages and neighbourhoods that have managed to retain their original essence and to preserve their traditions linked to the fishing and salting activities. Its typical seaside houses, the character of the locals and its delicious cuisine with products obtained in the coastal inlets, popularly known as rías, are some of its best distinctive features.

A Guarda, Baiona, Bouzas, Combarro or A Illa de Arousa are just some of these beautiful towns, where you can learn about the many names used by the locals to refer to their traditional fishing boats. In them, you can also experience the hustle and bustle of their marketplaces and even share a day's work with the women shellfish gatherers who harvest the excellent molluscs along the As Rías Baixas coast.

Villas marineras
Villas marineras

These seaside towns were the driving force for the economic and social development of the province, partly due to a booming fish canning and salting industry. In fact, there you can visit some of the museums devoted to these two activities and enjoy some of the excellent delicacies obtained in the rich waters of As Rías Baixas.

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