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First port to know the Discovery of America

El primer puerto que recibió la noticia del Descubrimiento de América

It is protected from the open sea by a beautiful bay. Its geographical location offers an unsurpassable protection for fishing and leisure sailing vessels alike. These good conditions may have favoured the arrival of The Pinta, in 1492, to the port of this charming village with the news of the Discovery of America.

The image that welcomes visitors is that of a seafront composed of typically seaside houses by the sea. Its glassed-in balconies stand out and it is not difficult to imagine families admiring the ocean from their windows a century ago.

Puerto de Baiona

The Pinta arrived in 1492 to the port of this charming village with the news of the Discovery of America

These stone constructions are part of the old quarter of Baiona, which was recognised as a Historic-Artistic Site in 1993 and has now become the heart of the municipality. It has narrow cobblestone streets with stately homes having low porches. They are filled in with a very particular atmosphere,  very attractive for visitors.

The Monterreal Fortress is a must-see spot in Baiona. Its walls were built in the 14th century during the war against Portugal and today is one of the most outstanding examples of the historical heritage of the province of Pontevedra. The area is open to the public and if you cross its walls, you can enjoy stunning views over the Baiona Bay with the Cíes islands in the background.

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