Fiestas en Rías Baixas

Deza and Tabeirós-Terra de Montes

Located in the very heart of the region of Galicia, this area is the beat of As Rías Baixas and a magical and mysterious place in the province of Pontevedra. To the north of the regions of Deza and Tabeirós-Terra de Montes you find dense forests, such as the impressive oak and chestnut grove Fraga de Catasós or the oak grove Sobreiral do Arnego. You can also be immersed in the sound of water as it falls in the cascade of the Toxa River, and uncover the secrets hidden in the abandoned villages of Grovas or Vichocuntín.

You can start by climbing the slope to Faro Hill and admire the lands by the rivers Deza, Lérez, Verdugo, Ulla and Umia, whose banks boast fairy-tale landscapes. Other natural areas, such as the meadows Brañas de Xestoso y and O Candán hill, are an invitation to follow a beautiful route heading to the inland part of the province that is surely to impress you.

Special mention should be made of the local cuisine, with dishes including both land and sea products. Two important dates to mark on your calendar are the Rapa das Bestas de Sabucedo, in the town of A Estrada, or the Festa do Cocido (Galician Stew Festival), in the town of Lalín. You should also taste the typical cider from A Estrada, made with local apples and pair it with a delicious empanada from A Bandeira. What else…?