Fiestas en Rías Baixas


Water is present throughout the region of the rivers Ulla and Umia. In this area you can follow the course of these rivers as they flow into the coastal inlet Ría de Arousa. There, hiking trails, river beaches, viewpoints, recreational areas and parks are immersed in the beautiful landscape of the area.

These lands were inhabited by the Cylenes and the Romans, attacked by Vikings and proudly defended by the locals. Water can be enjoyed in different forms and endless possibilities. It is the star of a region boasting a Roman road followed by pilgrims on their way to the city of Santiago de Compostela.

The area of the rivers Ulla and Umia is home to a rich natural, archaeological and monumental heritage. In the past, the Romans discovered that the spring waters could be used for their relaxation and well-being. Thus, two of its population centres were named Aquis Celenis, the current town of Caldas de Reis, and Aqua Calida, the town of Cuntis. The traces found in the region are proof of the influence that Romans had in the area.