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This Christmas, enjoy the Wine Route

Are you looking for a special, meaningful and original gift? The province of Pontevedra offers a handful of unique experiences to give to your friends and family so as they can be immersed in the rich and sensory world of wine. This Christmas the wineries and establishments included in the Rías Baixas Wine Route offer new promotions and activities specially designed to be enjoyed with the five senses.

Choose any of the subzones where the grape variety Albariño is cultivated and stroll along its vineyards, get to know the winemaking process, the different varieties on sale and the amazing history of the Designation of Origin Rías Baixas, as well as the peculiarities of the Rías Baixas wines, richlu filled with Atlantic flavours and aromas.

Discover vineyards on the seaside and hotels and wineries surrounded by amazing landscapes and a magnificent heritage. Choose the holiday package that best suits your taste and enjoy a unique and unforgettable Chirstmas season. 


bodegas Ruta do Viño Rías Baixas

Adegas Terra de Asorei (Meis) – "Stroll around Terra de Asorei"

If you like wine and are fond of nature, this gift is for you. Get to know this winery in the region of O Salnés, which can be defined by its spirit and genuineness. Then, immerse yourself in the exceptional hiking trail Ruta da Pedra e da Auga, accompanied by an expert. And, three hours later, return to the facilities to taste a wine accompanied by an appetiser.

Contact: 986 680 868 /

Bodegas Terras Gauda (O Rosal) – "Discover Gauda"

This winery in O Rosal promises you unforgettable experiences. After a warm welcome, you will ride along the vineyards in an "eno vehicle". Afterwards, you will unveil all the secrets of the winemaking process of its renowned wines. At the end of the trip, the team will offer you a commented tasting of three wines with an aperitif.

Contact: 986 621 045 /


Novavila Rías Baixas (Meis) – Bono "Experiencia Novavila"

Rest, gourmet food and wine tourism combine in this experience, including a one-night stay for two and a welcome dinner prepared with local products, a tasting of different wines under the Designation of Origin Rías Baixas and a brunch. Its staff always surprises visitors with a gift, in this case a mikado with a hint of Albariño aroma.

Contact: 609 111 023 /

Bodegas Ruta do Viño Rías Baixas

Mar de Frades (Meis) – "A taste of Mar de Frades"

A unique experience that combines fusion cuisine with the taste of the Atlantic Albariño wine. Visit the Finca Valiñas vineyard, located on a vantage point facing the sea, and participate in a guided tour of the winery. At the end, you will have the chance to taste their wines as part of a menu designed by the chefs from Arzábal. 

Contact: 986 680 911 / 637 479 469 /

Aldea Borbóns (Sanxenxo) - Wine tourism in a village in the countryside

"Only the authentic will make you feel at home in a fisherwomen's village": this is how this rural house introduces itself. It will make you enjoy the region of O Salnés to the fullest. Its offer includes a two night-stay with breakfast and dinner. You can also visit Adega Eidos, where you can learn about the winemaking process of Rías Baixas wines and taste them.

Contact: 619 618 481 /

Pazo Quinteiro da Cruz (Ribadumia) – Sensory experience with Albaruño and camellias

This gift brings together two of the most important elements of the wine and food tradition and natural world of As Rías Baixas: Albariño wine and camellias. Visit the botanical garden of the pazo Quinteiro da Cruz, where you will enjoy a full sensory experience with the aromas, textures, flavours and colours of the camellias and the Albariño produced in the winery.

Contact: 619 110 806 /

Bodegas Ruta do Viño Rías Baixas

Bodega Gil Armada (Cambados) – The pazo de Fefiñanes and the sea of Cambados

At the very heart of the old town of Cambados, the capital of Albariño wine, you can enjoy an unforgettable visit to the pazo de Fefiñanes. You will get to know the halls, the tower and the ancient vineyards of this manor house and then will have the chance to taste the Albariño wines Gil Armada. You will round out your experience by getting to know the work of the shellfish gatherers from Cambados. 

Contact: 660 078 252 /

Bodegas Granbazán (Vilanova de Arousa)

1. Enjoy the Galician cuisine. A culinary journey that begins with a visit to the vineyards and the winery, built in the neoclassical style. There will be a commented tasting of the Albariño wines Granbazán and so as you can leave with a good taste in your mouth, you will enjoy a fantastic stew prepared by its own kitchen team.
2. Immerse yourself in the wine culture. You can start your day with a pleasant walk through the impressive vineyard and a visit to the winery, a building boasting a distinctive architecture with different spaces. Finally, there will be a guided tasting of Granbazán wines paired with a selection of gourmet fish and seafood preserves from the Granbazán brand.
Contact: 986 555 562 / 619 118 381 / /

Pazo Baión (Vilanova de Arousa) – Under the Vino de Pago classification 

Pazo Baión is a singular building, located in a privileged location in the O Salnés valley, which dates back to the 11th century. This 30-hectare property features one of the most spectacular vineyards in As Rías Baixas. The visit ends with a guided tasting of three types of Albariño paired with Galician typical products.

Contact: 636 800 234 /

Adega Eidos (Sanxenxo) – Experiencia sensorial

This package offers a complete sensory experience for two. Discover the winery located in one of the most representative villages of As Rías Baixas. Enjoy a guided tour and a commented tasting of four wines to explore the different phases: look, smell and taste. Albariños are accompanied by a pie made from products obtained in the Galician ría (coastal inlet).

Contact: 664 444 334 /
Bodegas Ruta do Viño Rías Baixas

Pazo Señoráns – Experience in the manor house Pazo Señorans

Enjoy a full visit to the pazo, the winery, the vineyards and its distillery. Tradition and quality merge to offer visitors a unique experience to taste the Rías Baixas wines. The day ends with a tasting of three wines and two local spirits paired with a selection of preserved fish Frinsa.

Contact: 986 715 373 /

Pazo de Rubianes (Vilagarcía de Arousa) – A combination of Atlantic products

Enjoy a guided tour of the spectacular 18th-century pazo and the 16th-century chapel, and stroll around its International Camellia Garden of Excellence. The experience includes a tour of the vineyards and ends with a tasting of the Albariño wine Pazo de Rubianes paired with handmade preserves from Los Peperetes - a unique experience!

Contact: 619 261 847 /
Bodegas Ruta do Viño Rías Baixas

Bodega Martín Códax (Cambados) – "Martin Codax, the minstrel"

Invite your family and friends to a guided tour of the winery named after the most famous Galician minstrel. This tour will allow you to get to know the whole process of Albariño making and the characteristics that define this unique wine. The experience is rounded out with a tasting of three wines paired with three Galician cheeses in its impressive balcony overlooking the ría. 

Contact: 986 526 060 /

Bodegas La Val (Salvaterra de Miño) – Wine tourism and gastronomy La Val

You will get to know the vineyards and the winery, and will have the opportunity to taste its five wines and a varied selection of aperitifs. Immerse yourself in the Galician cuisine by enjoying a meal in the winery accompanied by the selected wine. A minimum group of 8 people is required.

Contact: 670 910 284 / 986 610 728 /